The regional nature park of the Serrai of Sottoguda or ” Serai ” is among the beauties of the Dolomites, a two-kilometer gorge, with walls extending to some 400 meters. In some way they are not far .

The erosion of the Pettorina stream, flowing down the gorge and formed over millions of years , shaped rocks with caves and crevices. The width of horror ( in geology deep throat ) is little less than 10 meters. Streams and waterfalls – as the Pisa of Franzei – are flowing along the walls. During the Winter season, they form ice walls known and visited by mountaineers – coming from all over the world – who practice ice climbing.

The summer period transforms this place into a cool and relaxing ambient, delighting in taking strolls from the village of Sottoguda (1252 m) , or cycling uphill . Along the way, you can admire typical plant life of this place and you can visit the St. Anthony’s church which placed in a natural cave . This is also a fascinating journey for children who , along the way , can read and learn the legends we have always passed on to our children in these places .

You can start your walk from a small parking at the end of Sottoguda, but you can find other parking slots in the center.

Otherwise you can start your walk from Malga Ciapela ( 1450 m) (where you can find other large parking) towards Serrai Sottoguda .

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