Bramezza is the country of the Ottomans

The walk to Bramezza takes us to one of the most unique places in our valley: it is a small hamlet of the town of Rocca Pietore, reachable only on foot, a handful of houses, where some old buildings exhibit particular fireplaces that have nothing To look at with traditional architecture and that seem to relate to the Ottoman style. According to tradition, probably after the Battle of Lepanto (1571), the Serenissima Republic would transfer a number of Turkish prisoners of war to the present Agordino to work in the mine. The concentration of slaves was mainly in Bramezza, Caracoi and Santa Maria delle Thank you, and, to confirm this, it is noteworthy that the local population would have a fairer skin complexity than the neighboring areas.


The departure is from the center of Alleghe, you go down the Via Europa to the lakeshore and walk along the shore of the lake mirror to the height of Hotel Dolomiti, from here, on the sidewalk you reach the locality Vallazza (playground) . We cross the wooden bridge and walk along the river Corduri until the catwalk leading us to the other shore, in the town of Rocca Pietore. At the end of the jumper, in front of us, we reach the sloping trail leading to the hamlet of Saviner Basso, then continue for a cobbled path and reach Saviner by Calloneghe (m.1080). From the village center we go in
A narrow, steep slope, in the middle of the houses, we turn to the left and reach the last Saviner house; Immediately after a marker sign we turn right and from this moment we enter a cedar wood. We climb to the bends and after crossing a grassy plateau we arrive at Bramezza, at the entrance of the village is the rustic village called “Vatican”, famous for its special large fireplaces and circular chimney.

Let’s resume our journey, not before being restored to the great Fountain of Bramezza, to the right of which the offshore is descending along the ridge and leading to the underlying village of Caracoi Agoin. From here we go down again until we return, on paved road, to Saviner of Calloneghe and Alleghe.

Uphill climb: mt. 500
Travel time:: ore 3 , 3 ½
Equipment:: Scarponcini da trekking

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